• Recycling and Trash Hauling Services for full-time residents

  • "Junk" Hauling Services. Many of us have stuff we don't need. Cleaning out your shed, barn, basement, garage etc? We'll pick it up, match up reusable items, recycle all that we can and properly dispose of the rest.

  • Small job Construction Debris Hauling.

  • Program Development Services:  4 Our Kids will visit your business and show you exactly how to implement a successful recycling program. We can even set it up for you and let you focus on your business.

  • Special Event Recycling Services: Holding an event at a facility that doesn't recycle? How about an outdoor event like a wedding, concert, craft fair or a tent sale? Having an annual company party? 4 Our Kids can provide recycling and trash bins and haul it away for you at the end of your event.

  • Reusable Match Up Program: Can't use it but don't want to throw it away? Call us to keep it out of the landfill.

Have a need not listed?  We want to know. Contact us and tell us what would help you.

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Caring About The Next Generation

4 Our Kids knows the economic importance of maintaining the beauty of our area and the environmental impact that solid waste has on the planet. The "4" in the name comes from the 4 R's; reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink. We know in order for our own children and all of "Our Kids" to have a sustainable future, we all must rethink our current practices and make adjustments. We're here to help.